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What are my options?

  • If you want to create genealogy reports from your existing genealogy database product, purchase a registration for The Complete Genealogy Reporter.

  • If you want a genealogy database product with the ability to produce basic reports without customization, purchase a registration for The Complete Genealogy Builder.

  • If you want a genealogy database product, plus the ability to produce fully customizable reports, select the "Bundle" transaction (30% discount).

  • If you are not sure, you should evaluate each product fully before deciding. 

  • If you purchase one product now, you may purchase a registration for the other product later.  However the bundle discount will not apply.

Registrations issued for earlier versions of the products remain valid for the 2023 versions of the products.

(NOTE: Our products run only on the Microsoft Windows platform.)

Registration fees are non-refundable. 
 The 30-day "Try-Before-You-Buy" period is provided so that you may fully evaluate
 either or both products before making your purchase decision.

Click on the applicable "Register Now" button to initiate the registration purchase process.
(Note: The user interface of The Complete Genealogy Products is available only in English (US/UK), French, German, and Catalan.)

 The Complete Genealogy Reporter $34.95
 The Complete Genealogy Builder $34.95
"Bundle" transaction (The Complete Genealogy Reporter + The Complete Genealogy Builder) $69.90 $48.92

 (The fees shown do not include local sales taxes for your location. These will be added when you make your purchase.)

After you have received your registration code(s), use the "Register" menu item in the respective product(s) to confirm your registration.
Your licensed use of the product(s) will then be unrestricted.

  • The Complete Genealogy Builder incorporates the basic functionality of The Complete Genealogy Reporter.  The full repertoire of preference options and report customization within The Complete Genealogy Builder is enabled only when The Complete Genealogy Reporter is also registered on the same computer.

  • Registration of The Complete Genealogy Reporter includes registration of GedPad Pro.

  • The "Bundle" transaction provides registration codes for both products at a discounted fee only when purchased as a single transaction.

There is no requirement for you to select the extra-cost Extended Download Service.
The latest version is always available for you to download from "The Complete Genealogy Products" website.


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