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The Complete Genealogy Builder


The Complete Genealogy Builder is a 99.9% compliant GEDCOM 5.5 database manager for the creation and maintenance of genealogy projects.  This level of GEDCOM compliance is determined as the average of import compliance (all GEDCOM-compliant data from another genealogy program will be imported completely and correctly) and export compliance (all data are exported such that a another genealogy program will be able to import all GEDCOM-compliant data completely and correctly).  Of all other genealogy programs, only Family Historian is known to exhibit a comparable level of import compliance, and we believe that no other program offers a comparable level of export compliance.

The Complete Genealogy Builder includes the following capabilities that are rarely found, if at all, in most other genealogy programs:

  • Full Unicode support. You may freely incorporate any characters from any Unicode language character set within your data.
  • Multi-national keyboard support when entering or editing Notes.  You may switch keyboard types (for example, English to Greek and back to English) as you type Note texts.
  • Cascading forms window structure.  As shown in the above animation, data are entered and edited via a cascading input form structure.
  • Virtually all GEDCOM 5.5 standard (and many GEDCOM 5.5.1 proposal) data types.
  • Extended image support including "Cutouts" (similar to "Marked Faces" of Family Tree Builder and "Frame Links" of Family Historian).
  • Marking of sections of Note texts as "Sensitive" or "Private".  These may be included in, or excluded from, GEDCOM exports.
  • Spell checking of Note texts (various languages will be supported).  All Notes may be spell-checked in a single operation via the Tools menu.
  • Numerous validation tools.  These include checking for non-standard date formats, improbable event dates, missing OBJE files, and individuals without a sex designation.
  • Restricted status ("Confidential" or "Private") of specific Individual, Family, or Event data.  These may be included in, or excluded from, GEDCOM exports.
  • Font attributes (bold, italic, underscore and superscript) within Note texts.
  • Multiple export options tailored for maximum compatibility with various other genealogy programs that exhibit non-standard behaviors.
  • "Embedded" GEDCOM export.  This encodes all external OBJE files within the exported file according to the GEDCOM "BLOB" tag standard.  When imported by The Complete Genealogy Builder on another system, the OBJE files will be recreated as external files.
  • "Minimal" GEDCOM export.  This includes only the individuals' names plus the dates and places for births, marriages and deaths; which is all that you need to share with public websites that do intelligent matching of different users' databases.

The above screenshot is that of the main window.  If the main window is sufficiently wide, the Index of Individuals will appear on the right side.  If the main window is sufficiently high, Grand- and Great-Grand- relations will be shown within the Individual and Family frames.  Navigation is achieved by simple clicks on any of the names displayed. 

A click on a family listed in the Individual panel will display that family in the Family panel.  Similarly, a click on an individual listed in the Family panel will display that individual in the Individual panel.  Moreover, a double-click on a husband, wife, or child name will not only show the person in the Individual panel, but simultaneously will show the parental family of the husband/wife, or the spousal family of the child, in the Family panel.  Thus repeated double-clicks in the "Husband" box, for example, will rapidly traverse the male ancestry.

Forward and Back buttons are provided under the Individual and Family frames to traverse the histories of each of these frames so that recent work can be easily revisited.

Free-text search buttons permit easy location of Individuals or Families that match any or all of the specified text elements of the search.

Separate Bookmark and Pending lists are included.  The Bookmarks are essentially "Favorites" and the first of these will be displayed when the program opens a project.  The Pending list is intended to temporarily bookmark the work-in-process so that you may return to complete individual and family details after the structure of a new branch has been created.

The Complete Genealogy Builder supports iterative nests of Sources within Notes, and Notes within Sources, to the limit of 99 levels.

Non-standard data types are labelled in blue (instead of black) within the program for easy differentiation of standard and non-standard tags.  Examples of such data are image cutouts and the designation of "preferred" images (as provided by a number of other programs).  When a GEDCOM file is exported by The Complete Genealogy Builder, user-specifiable options define how these non-standard tags are to be exported so that they will be understood by the program that is intended to import them.  If the tags would not be understood by the importing program, an associated note may be created to contain them.  In this way, the GEDCOM data may be imported and exported between almost all other genealogy programs and The Complete Genealogy Builder without loss of these tag data.

The Complete Genealogy Builder incorporates the basic report creation capabilities of The Complete Genealogy Reporter in a restricted form (no preferences or section customization).

Registered users of The Complete Genealogy Reporter are able to specify the full repertoire of preference options and section customizations for their reports directly within the The Complete Genealogy Builder, exactly as when The Complete Genealogy Reporter is run separately.

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