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(NOTE: Our products run only on the Microsoft Windows platform.)

2023 Products

NOTE: If you are installing an update, you should close The Complete Genealogy Reporter and/or The Complete Genealogy Builder before installation, otherwise a Windows restart may be required.  (You may install an update over your existing installation; there is no need to uninstall first.)
There is no upgrade fee for the 2023 versions.  If you have a registration code issued for an earlier version of either program, your code remains valid for the 2023 version of that program.

 The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2023 Build 230108

 The Complete Genealogy Builder 2023 Build 230108

 The Complete Genealogy Products 2023 (Combined installation) Builds 230108

FREE EVALUATION!  The Complete Genealogy Products are try-before-you-buy software with evaluation periods of 30 days.  During the evaluation period, the programs are fully functional, but a "Sample" watermark will be shown on the reports generated.  After a registration code has been purchased and entered into the The Complete Genealogy Reporter, the "Sample" report watermark will not appear.
The Complete Genealogy Products are "continuous improvement" software.  You should check back here occasionally to obtain updated releases.  You may do this via "Check For Updates..." within the program's Help menu.
COMBINED INSTALLATION: This download is recommended for users of both programs.  The download and installation file is much smaller than the total of the separate installation files.  If you wish to use this and have already installed either product separately, you should uninstall it first.  Later removal of the individual product will remove the shared application data files, in which case you will need to re-install the combined installation.


 GedPad 2013 Build 160107
(GedPad Pro is distributed with The Complete Genealogy Reporter.  Users of The Complete Genealogy Reporter should not download GedPad separately.)

Memory Management Utility

Windows XP Low Fragmentation Heap Enabler.   Copyright 2008 Lubos Hnanicek
Occasionally users of Windows XP encounter "out of memory" messages.  This is usually due to excessive memory fragmentation due to a very large data volume and the intensity of the data manipulation performed by TCGR.  (Memory usage gets fragmented, similarly to disk fragmentation.)

Microsoft's XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems include a memory management feature known as Low Heap Fragmentation (LHF).  This technology considerably reduces the fragmentation of system memory.

However, while Vista and Windows 7 have LHF enabled by default, XP has the capability disabled - presumably because LFH uses a little more memory overall, which was an issue when XP was first released and 256MB of RAM was common.

Low Fragmentation Heap Enabler is a third-party utility has been used successfully by many of our XP customers to overcome "out of memory" problems.  When installed, LHF is enabled for all programs.  The utility is extremely lightweight and has no perceivable impact on system performance.   If it doesn't work for you, you can uninstall it via Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.

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