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  GedPad Pro
(Included with The Complete Genealogy Reporter)


GedPad is a line-editor for GEDCOM files. 

GedPad includes the following features:
  • Indented presentation of the GEDCOM data levels
  • Hyperlinked record link references, with tooltip descriptions
  • Old and new copies of changed lines are displayed
  • Full Undo/Redo
  • Search for text
  • Single line or global replace

GedPad is freeware.  Just download and use it without ever paying any fees!


GedPad Pro is an analytical line-editor for GEDCOM files. 

GedPad Pro also includes the following features:
  • Locate non-standard name and date forms
  • Locate absent files and missing (or dead) links
  • Locate duplicated records
  • Locate family records with no parent information
  • Bookmark lines to return to them later within the session
  • Copy, Cut and Paste capabilities

GedPad Pro is included with The Complete Genealogy Reporter.  Registered users of  The Complete Genealogy Reporter enjoy GedPad Pro with no additional fee.


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